we work to satisfy each individual customers budget.

With our clients individual needs top of mind, Elite’s procurement team source and provide innovative solutions.  Our experienced staff have a vast network of local and overseas contacts and alliances around the globe to ensure cost effective and seamless procurement of products and services for our clients.

Our procurement strategy is built around quality, reliability, competitiveness and originality.  Providing products and services to satisfy each individual customer’s budget and vision.

for more information on how we can start creating your vision. Contact:

Ph: 03 9794 8651


our client services.

*source and provide innovative solutions.

We understand our clients require unique items.  Our team can source all elements needed so every detail of your project is covered. 

*Vast network and supplier relationships.

Elite prides its self on the relationships developed over many years.

*local and over seas contacts.

If you require a specialised item or material, we utilise all contacts to create your vision.

*cost effective solutions.

We keep your budget in mind and are flexible with finding solutions that work for our clients.